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handcrafted TREATS, therapeutic herbal BALMS AND TINCTURES

Our artisanal, hand made food and herbal health products are crafted to our exacting standards in small batches from 100% natural ingredients. Originally created to enhance our own family's overall health and wellbeing, we now offer them to customers across the country and around the world. We hope that you enjoy them and their benefits. Welcome to the Rawesome Family!

In a nutshell

Our Rawesome Morsels are vegan, free of refined sugars and grains, but most importantly they are delicious and lovingly prepared to leave you light, healthy yet truly satisfied.
Our Bliss Balms are hand crafted in small batches and utilize the therapeutic properties of herbs such as Arnica, Calendula, Comfrey, Frankincense and natural, hemp derived CBD. Our customers rave about the results they have achieved using Bliss Balm.
Our Rawesome Remedies CBD oils are derived from organically grown hemp farmed in the USA. Unlike many CBD products on the market, our oils are minimally processed and reflect the true, full spectrum of cannabinoids naturally found in hemp. With less than 0.3% THC, Rawesome remedies CBD Oil is completely legal and non-psychoactive.


FIVE STARS IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH!!! For many years now, I’ve been a devoted Rawesome customer, obsessed with their delicious healthy products and the wonderful people who create them. As a lover of sweets but a hater of refined sugar, for me, finding these treats was like stumbling upon the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everything they make is ridiculously good (and good for you), but my all time favorites are the chocolate, marzipan and chocolate/peanut morsels. I eat one (or three) every single day (no exaggeration) and truth be told, I have been known to panic when my supply runs out! The taste, texture and nutrient-rich ingredients cannot be rivaled. I am truly grateful to have discovered this beautiful brand and will continue to be their number one cheerleader!

Johanna Archiplay

Pacific Palisades CA

Rawesome Morsels are the best! Each treat is a work of art and both tastes and looks exquisite. Andrea and Steve craft them by hand using only the finest ingredients. And not only are they delicious. They are also good for you. I love to give them to family and friends as gifts. All of the flavors are wonderful but my absolute favorite is the Barefoot Marzipan. I am positively addicted!

Lin Nelson Benedek

Los Angeles, CA

This company makes the BEST most DELICIOUS treats. Best of all I don’t have guilt eating their products since they are only made from great ingredients. I also love that they are a small business. Win win! If you love one of a kind treats you have to give Rawesome Morsels a try!

Ashley Bart

Long Beach CA

Most delicious deserts I ever had! I have loved these incredible treats for many years, and always find something new and delicious to try, each time I visit the Rawesome Morsels guys. It’s also really important for me, that all the ingredients they use, are top quality organic, and safe for any type of diet. Love these delicious treats! Can’t even decide on a favorite flavor! They’re all soooo good!

Andrea Deli

Los Angeles CA

Absolutely Awesome!! The Bliss creme helps my knee!

Mary Ensign

Los Angeles CA

Although I am not vegan these products enchanted me. They taste marvellous. You cannot make a mistake with any of them.

Magda Hemrik

Budapest Hungary

Fabulous chocolate and amazing Bliss Balm!!!

Nise Myers

Los Angeles CA

I absolutely love Bliss Balm! Not only does it work great on my knee and my back, I have given it to a number of friends and family members and they are all amazed as well. Thank you Rawesome Morsels!

Agnes Karanyi

Los Angeles CA

So greatful for this company! The products are certainly delicious and decadent, with health in mind. The marzipan is my favorite! But you also can’t go wrong with any of the chocolate options! Free samples at Mar Vista farmers markets on Sundays, with CBD options:)

Brian Davis

Los Angeles CA

I use the Bliss Balm before and after exercising. I find it increases my range of motion and speeds up my muscle recovery. It’s also great for bruises! Fantastic product!

Erika Bodnar

Budapest Hungary

I love Rawsome Morsels and would give this wonderful small business more than 5 stars if I could! The morsels are exquisitely delicious, and they are made with organic ingredients They are a go-to treat or dessert when I crave something sweet but don’t want to eat processed foods and sugar. They are packaged beautifully and I love to send them as gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Susan Bird

Chester CT

I was visiting from out of town and saw these guys at a farmer’s market near my friend’s house in Marina Del Rey. OMG the marzipan chocolate is to die for. The guy gave us free samples and I ended up buying two different types…Should’ve bought more! Writing this review because I just had some of the marzipan with my coffee this morning and I wish I could go back to California and buy a million more! So tasty.

Lara Cenovski

I love this company! The most amazingly delicious chocolate I’ve ever tasted in my life! I can’t describe the joy it brings to me and my loved ones. I’m also using the Bliss Balm that speeded up my recovery from a recent injury. Thank you!

Andrea Szűcs

New York

Amazing Amazing Amazing! The best treat you could ask for, and this comes from a Sicilian that makes Italian pastries! We’ve tried all the flavors and still can’t decide which is our favorite. Guess we need to do more tasting!

Francesca Tamburelli

North Hollywood CA

These are amazing! Delicious – everyone in my family LOVES them!

Julie Teltscher

I love the Rawesome Morsels. They are a perfect bite of healthy sweetness!

Peri Norman Nishikawa

Los Angeles

I cannot say enough great things about this wonderful business and the lovely people who created it. For anyone who enjoys delicious and satisfying sweet treats, but is not a fan of refined sugars or processed junk, this is just the thing! I would choose a Rawesome Morsel over just about any other dessert choice out there. The only downside of trying this healthy and wholesome product is that eating them can become a hard habit to break!

Johanna A.

Los Angeles CA

Fantastically delicious and simple but healthy ingredients. I love their take on chocolate in general. My favorite is the marzipan cherry.

Ilona Vanda Finta

Los Angeles CA

All of Rawsome Morsels’s wonderful products are home-made. The sweets are delicious (and nutritious) and the CBD creams really work and smell nice, too!

Alan Manning

Pasadena CA

Rawsome’s well crafted treats are exquisitely delicious, and wholesome, too! They make any occasion better– as a pre or post workout snack, or as a a fancy dessert!

Eric Nelson

Fallbrook CA

Met Steve at PC Greens this week. Excellent product…had a sudden craving for something sweet before bedtime and the lemon flavor satisfied it and without white sugar. Try them…especially if you’re wheat and sugar-free. So so good.

Joyce McClure

Los Angeles CA