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will cbd get me high?

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That is a question we hear all the time. People often assume that since CBD is derived from Cannabis it will get them stoned. It won’t. The reason that Marijuana gets people intoxicated is the presence of a different Cannabinoid: THC.

It is important to be careful about where and from who you get your CBD. In Cannabis dispensaries they often sell CBD that also contains a significant amount of THC. These products can get you high and one should exercise caution if using them.

CBD purchased outside of dispensaries is limited by law to having no more than 1/3 of 1% THC. In this minimal concentration the THC will not have a noticeable effect and CBD of this type should be safe to use even if you are working or driving. Some CBDs have all of the THC removed but most experts I have spoken with agree that in order to get the best results from CBD it should have trace amounts of THC (<.03%). The presence of this minimal concentration along with the other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes helps contribute to what is known as “the entourage effect”.

Not all CBD is created equalAs mentioned, CBD purchased in a dispensary may have a significant amount of THC content and conversely, many over the counter CBD brands have little or no THC.

Some CBD brands use what is known as a CBD Isolate. This is a highly processed product that is generally much less expensive but it is also considered by most people in the industry to be much less effective. Other CBD brands sell what is known as a Broad Spectrum CBD. This is a CBD product which does contain at least some additional cannabinoids and terpenes, but has had all of the THC removed through a secondary chemical process. These products do not have the full entourage effect. Finally, the type of CBD that we offer is called a Full Spectrum CBD. The full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC (<.03%) as well as other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenoids.

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